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Jan Gleisner


Jan Gleisner is an accomplished financial services professional who specializes in indexed- and fixed annuity allocations. He founded Carmel Valley Insurance Agency, Inc. in 2010 and currently serves as President for the insurance agency.

Carmel Valley Insurance Agency is independent of any insurance company, which allows Gleisner and his team to represent what they deem to be the best fit for each client given their specific circumstances. The firm specializes, primarily, in helping successful business owners and professionals with retirement planning and financial independence.

Throughout his career, Gleisner has witnessed firsthand the frequency at which individuals have failed to properly prepare for retirement. He truly enjoys working with these individuals to restructure their assets so that they can build a more secure financial future and find peace of mind.

Jan Gleisner believes that good advice enables the decision maker to clearly see the better alternative. He strives to help clients with strategies that use state of the art solutions and are also easy to understand. Gleisner’s goal is to provide clients with a meaningful plan that is realistic and achievable so that they can maintain their current lifestyle when they retire.

He brings with him an international background and entrepreneurial spirit, which allows for Gleisner to provide an unconventional and effective approach to life insurance planning, retirement planning and high-end insurance concepts. Jan Gleisner prides himself on helping with retirement planning solutions that are entirely client-friendly. Independent of the big wire houses. Gleisner and his team have the flexibility to take a consultative approach with each client and customize their investment strategies according to their individual needs.

Gleisner understands what it takes to properly optimize a client’s current assets for retirement so that they will not outlive their money. Through the use of indexed and fixed annuities, Gleisner helps clients protect their investments while allowing for monetary growth.

Common retirement plans, such as 401(k) and IRA, typically rely on the stock market for growth. Unfortunately, these vehicles are inherently volatile and can quickly decrease your savings in bad years. Gleisner and his team will ensure that your retirement money is safeguarded when the market goes down by using the benefits of insurance, while still having the ability to grow your money during the good years.

Jan Gleisner is a graduate of Roskilde University, Denmark, where he earned both his Masters in Social Science – Business & Communication and Bachelor of Arts in Business. He currently resides in San Diego, California where he enjoys tennis, socializing with family/friends, cooking, and traveling.

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